U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Monday, August 3, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Gabriela Ruffels

Quick Quotes

Q. Just talk a little bit about the course and how you're liking it.

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, the course is very tough. It's very different to last year I feel like. But I mean, USGA championships are always tough, and they're always going to make it in the best possible condition, which is what it is this week. But I mean, the greens are rolling pretty fast. I think that's where I kind of got caught up a little today, but I thought I scrambled out there pretty well.

Q. Coming in as the defending champion, extra nerves, extra excitement, talk a little bit about that.

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Of course, there was extra pressure, extra nerves, especially with the whole year that's been going on. It's been kind of crazy. It's been a long wait, too, to get here. But I'm happy with how I did today and how I handled those first-round nerves. Yeah, I could have done better today, I could have done worse. But no, I mean, I'm happy considering everything.

Q. You know more than anyone it's a long week. Coming into this any year, especially this year, how do you prepare for seven days of this?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: I mean, you've just got to keep hydrated, stay patient out there and know that you're going to hit bad shots, you're going to hit good shots and just try and be as consistent as possible and be really good with recovery.

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