U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Monday, August 3, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Maria Fernanda-Escauriza

Quick Quotes

Q. How have you been liking the course so far?

MARIA FERNANDA-ESCAURIZA: Well, it's kind of tough because the course is super wet, so the driver just bounces and stays there, and then you have like a 5-iron in, so it's kind of hard to leave it on the green.

Q. You played well, though; what was working?

MARIA FERNANDA-ESCAURIZA: Yeah, my second shots, my irons were -- I only missed three greens, and then my putting was okay. I made three birdies and no bogeys, so I guess that helped a lot.

Q. It's been a weird year; have you been able to play much golf this summer?

MARIA FERNANDA-ESCAURIZA: No, not really. Golf back home just started opening up everything, so there's no tournaments. That's why I had to come here and try to find some tournaments and play.

Q. When did you come back over here?


Q. So this is your first tournament of the summer?

MARIA FERNANDA-ESCAURIZA: Yeah. There was only one flight to come back, so I had to come on that one.

Q. And then lastly, this is a long week; how do you kind of stay prepared for such a long tournament?

MARIA FERNANDA-ESCAURIZA: Yeah, first make the cut, of course. That's the first priority. And then just -- I like playing match play, so hopefully that helps me a lot. And yeah, just focus day by day.

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