U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Emilia Migliaccio

Quick Quotes

Q. How did you feel about the way you bounced back, birdieing four of the last seven, I think?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, I felt great. I kind of figured out what I was doing in my swing. I just hit a couple like way blocks and I regrouped quickly, so that was good. And then I hit great putts, they just didn't fall in. I told myself I just needed one, and as soon as I got -- I made like a 20-footer on 3, and then they just kept going, hitting better shots, so it kind of fed off of that, so it felt great.

Q. What do you think is going to be key in your game heading into match play and heading into tomorrow?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Keeping up my energy and taking one shot at a time, not focusing on the rest of the week, just focusing on the next match. You know, I have a lot of really good friends here, so I'm probably going to play one of my really good friends this week, and so just kind of knowing that and just focusing on my game. There's a lot of hard holes out here, but there's also a lot of really go-to pins, so it's just going to be -- people are going to make birdies and also bogeys, so you just have to stay steady and keep pressing every time you have a green-light flag.

Q. What's that like when you play a good friend? Do you see any differences if you're playing somebody you don't know versus if you're playing a good friend of yours?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, like a little bit. You see -- you just kind of look and you're like, well, I'm playing someone that I care about. But then you just -- both of us, you just kind of go out there and it's just a different game, but that's what competitive golf is all about.

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