U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Catherine Park

Quick Quotes

Q. Being one of the youngest golfers here, you're towards the top of the leaderboard; how was it playing out there today and yesterday and to be up there?

CATHERINE PARK: It was pretty fun. My round, actually the course was pretty hard during the practice round and my putting was a bit off yesterday, but I still played well. And today my putting was better, so I was actually happy. It was nice being out there.

Q. What's kind of been your favorite part of the week so far?

CATHERINE PARK: Well, playing. Yeah, I haven't played since January.

Q. This is your first tournament since --

CATHERINE PARK: Yeah, it was really nice playing.

Q. Has it felt different? Obviously it's going to be a little different, but when you're out there has it felt different?

CATHERINE PARK: Yeah, I'll say the vibe since I'm playing with more older people than I usually play with, and a little bit more competitive. I actually had really more fun.

Q. How did you spend some of your quarantine or some of the time?

CATHERINE PARK: Just practiced every day in the garage.

Q. Did you?

CATHERINE PARK: Yeah, just practicing and putting on the mats. That's how I spent my quarantine, just studying.

Q. Now to match play; does your mindset change, or any strategy, or is it just --

CATHERINE PARK: Just be more aggressive for match play since it's just -- it's either 1-down or 1-up, so I'm just trying to be -- since stroke play kind of goes by the stroke, but it's match play so I'm going to be more aggressive. That's my mindset right now.

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