U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Rachel Heck

Quick Quotes

Q. Take me through the beginning of your round, jumping out to a four-hole lead early.

RACHEL HECK: Yeah, I just had a good first few holes. The putts were falling. She didn't play bad. The whole time neither of us gave anything away, so she was playing solid the whole time. I just got off to a hot start. But then I fully expected her to make a lot of birdies, make a run at it and come back, which of course she did. She's such a great player. We both had a lot of fun out there. It was a crazy match.

Q. Yeah, very up and down. She came within one or two and then you went back up four. Was there any point where you felt like you had it in the bag or --

RACHEL HECK: No, she kept me -- there was not a -- I mean, not until 18 was over was I able to feel confident about it. I mean, she's such a great player. She played solid. She didn't miss shots. She was making putts. 17 she drained a 50-footer to extend the match. It was awesome. Yeah, it was insane. That's what this is all about is playing some great golf. She's such a sweet girl, too. We had a lot of fun.

Q. Did you have any big putts like that?

RACHEL HECK: At the beginning, that's when -- like I was saying before, the first hole I probably made a 20-footer. The second hole I probably made a 35-, 40-footer. I feel like that kind of stuff happens in match play more than it does in stroke play. It's kind of crazy how that works out.

Q. So you have experience in the Women's Am before. Do you feel like going forward you're going to be in the round of 32 that some of that experience gives you a leg up?

RACHEL HECK: Actually I've never made it past the round of 64, so this is the first time. So I'm excited to be here.

Q. I mean, yeah, I'm just going to have the same expectations as I did going today. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again: No matter what round it is, what seed you're playing, you're not going to have an easy match. These are the best amateurs in the world, so I'm just going to play my own game, play the course and have a good time and just enjoy the week.

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