U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Emily Mahar

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk me through the round and how you felt out there.

EMILY MAHAR: It was very, very up and down. To begin with, we were both squaring with birdies and towards the end we were both squaring with bogeys. I guess it kind of came down to who didn't screw up on the last couple holes, but yeah.

Q. Were there any key moments or key holes in the match where the momentum really shifted or a big birdie that you had?

EMILY MAHAR: Not really. I think I just stayed very steady. She started making more mistakes into the second nine, and I just kept sticking to pars and sticking to my game plan and I let a couple putts run too far by, so that was putting unnecessary pressure on me coming back the other way. So then just tried to keep the unnecessary pressure off myself pretty much.

Q. And heading into 18, you had the one-shot lead. What was the mind-set and how did 18 play out?

EMILY MAHAR: I knew that I didn't have to do anything crazy coming down 18. Unfortunately I had a really bad break and was barely outside the bunker and she was in the rough, too, which was good and both of us had to lay up to the green.

So there's definitely a lot less pressure on myself than on her coming up 18.

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