U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Lauren Beaudreau

Quick Quotes

Q. You were ahead by two and then ended up losing a few, tied 18, went to 19. Talk me through maybe that three-hole stretch.

LAUREN BEAUDREAU: Yeah, so I was playing really great up until hole 16. I hadn't made a bogey the whole match, and I was hitting it really solid, and I just had a long two-putt on 16 on that back tier there. Unfortunately my second one didn't go in. But I was happy with my putt that I hit, so I was still feeling pretty good going to 17. Just had an unfortunate lip-out there, but I still felt like I was hitting good shots.

18 I played well all week. I parred it both times during the regulation rounds. Unfortunately I pulled my tee shot a little left, but I had a nice lag two-putt, so I felt like I finished okay even though the score wasn't that great. But I had, I think, three birdies on the day and very few mistakes.

And then hole 1, I hadn't really played well all week. I had missed it in the left rough the whole time, so once I hit my tee shot in the fairway, it was a good solid 9-iron for me coming in, and she was almost on the same line as my putt, so I got a really good read, and then I was able to capitalize.

Q. What was the read on it?

LAUREN BEAUDREAU: It was just about a ball outside right, and it was a little downhill, so I didn't have to worry about getting it to the hole. It was going to get there.

Q. What were some of the holes maybe early on where you got off to an early lead?

LAUREN BEAUDREAU: So I had lost the first hole, but hole 3, the par-5, I made about a 35-footer to halve her birdie, and that was just a little change in momentum because she was in within three feet for birdie. That kind of kick-started the round for me. I made a really good par on 9, which is a really tough hole, and I got my first 1-up lead there, and so then I made one more birdie on the back, and it was just kind of a really solid round. I made some good like four- or five-footers.

Q. How does it feel to be back in the round of 32 here? I know you've done well in the Girls' Junior. How does it feel to be back?

LAUREN BEAUDREAU: Yeah, it's great. I played well last year, and I love match play. I've played in two other match play events this summer and have done really well in them both, but USGA events, there's nothing like them and they're my favorite. To be back in the round of 32, hopefully I go a little further this year.

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