U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 7, 2020

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Kaleigh Telfer

Quick Quotes

Q. You came down from three with four holes to play. Talk me through those last four holes and then the extra two and how you were able to climb back.

KALEIGH TELFER: Yeah, I didn't start off too good. I wasn't hitting the ball too great. Emily played really well the first few holes, and I just said to my caddie that on hole 15 I've just got to win this hole and then I've got something to work with. I managed to win that hole with a par, and then it just boosted the confidence and I was able to come back and get it to all square on 18.

Q. And then you birdied 16, correct?


Q. What was your tee shot like there?

KALEIGH TELFER: I hit it just past the pin and it rolled all the way back to a foot. Everyone said that it was pretty close to going in.

Q. You're on to the round of 16; what's the mindset going into the afternoon match?

KALEIGH TELFER: Just the same as what I've been doing, just one shot at a time. Fairways and greens is key out here and the putts will eventually drop.

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