U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Monday, August 2, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Rose Zhang

Quick Quotes

Q. Just talk a little bit about the last few weeks and kind of the fatigue factor.

ROSE ZHANG: Uh-huh, yeah. So I started the summer with U.S. girls and having to play 11 rounds in that week. It was very grueling. And then right after I flew to Evian for the Evian Championship. Major weeks are always grueling, so I managed to make the cut and played those four rounds.

And then immediately after I just had to come back here, so the fatigue is definitely there. It's very hard to manage jet lag, and it's the first time that I have to play out of country and then come back, so back and forth. There is a little bit of jet lag factor.

So I was just trying to maintain whatever I could out there and just think about fundamentals.

Q. How did the course play and how did you play the course?

ROSE ZHANG: I feel like the course played very tough. If you're not hitting the shots that you need to you will definitely be in spots you wouldn't want that would cause bogeys and even more.

When I was out there I had to know where my misses were, and I was missing a little left and right off the tee and on iron shots, but I tried to hang in there.

Definitely the greens are very tough. You have to read them to perfection with the correct speed otherwise you will not make the putt.

Q. Does your schedule between now and school, does it allow you to be a kid getting ready for college and put the golf clubs away for a day or two?

ROSE ZHANG: No, it doesn't, because I have two more events right after this, and right after, 10 days after, I have to go college.

For me it's all right because I get to see my college friends again and just meeting all of them, I really kind of go back to memories of when we had a good time in junior golf. So I think overall it's pretty good.

Q. How does it feel coming back as the defending champion for the first time?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, feels different for sure. I saw my face on two different -- three different things and I was like, I can't really look at it to much after. It's really convenient to have your own parking spot and I'm just really grateful for everyone's support and just seeing them out here cheering me is really great.

Q. When you see people following does it change anything or are you able to just kind of follow that centerline in the fairway and ignore all that stuff?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah it's very important that I have to stay in the zone, especially when you have such a tough venue like Westchester. So I kind of zone out the people and all the attention.

But I think it's just, yeah, just shot after shot. You really have to maintain your mindset of playing well.

Q. Does your finish make it a little easier tomorrow? Can you rest a little easier and catch a breath tomorrow?

ROSE ZHANG: Not really. I feel like you really have to be on your guard on this course. Anything can happen. Tomorrow it's the afternoon. The wind is already picking up from today, and tomorrow it's definitely going to play a factor into your game.

So I just have to rest a little bit and work on some fundamentals and I'll see how do I tomorrow.

Q. You made a lot of memories already. Are you cognizant of that? Are you taking mental snapshots? You're busy.

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I am very busy. I do remember a lot of great memories. It's just all in the back of my head. I can definitely think of a lot of different memories.

But shot after shot. Can't really think of anything else.

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