U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Monday, August 2, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Aneka Seumanutafa

Quick Quotes

Q. Got into the field two days ago.


Q. Where were you when they gave you a call?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I was actually at practice.

Q. At practice at --

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: In Maryland. Yeah, so it was a four-hour drive from here, not too bad. Once I got the call I came straight up here the next day.

Q. What kind of emotion was there when you got that call to get in, because I know how important this is to you?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, it really means a lot, especially coming from the east coast. Getting that call I was just like shocked. Then John called me and I was like, Oh, God, yes. I was so excited. I'm so excited to be here and proud to represent the east coast.

Q. Obviously you were in the Women's Open so you have an idea what tough setups are like and you played this before.


Q. What were the conditions like out there today? Seems like it was a perfect day to play.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, very perfect. It was very windy today. It made the course a little bit more difficult. It's always playing difficult as is with the pin placements and the rough, but just keeping it in the fairway and trying to hit greens. These greens are tough as it is, but I stayed pretty even today.

Q. Yeah.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I was having a little trouble coming in swing-wise but trusted my progress and, yeah, so...

Q. You played even par I think on the back, right, after shooting 2-under on the front?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, yeah, I did. Like I said, I just hit fairways, hit greens. I didn't really give or take away much. Whatever the course would give me, that's what I would take, and I wouldn't really do much with it, and I was just play even.

Q. How many practice rounds were you able to get on the golf course?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: One which was --

Q. Yesterday.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: -- yesterday.

Q. So you got here late Saturday afternoon to practice?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I actually got in yesterday morning. Yeah, we left home around 5:00 and got here around 9:00.

Q. So one practice round was enough to give you an idea?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, that's all in college you have is only one practice round, so I was fine with it.

Q. How important is this week to you? Obviously Curtis Cup is coming up. Now getting in this field gives you a chance to give you another spot on your resume.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: Yeah, for sure. I'm not really thinking too far ahead right now. I'm just taking it day by day and not trying to -- I know there is Curtis Cup coming up, but I'm just trying to take one shot as one shot and one day as one day.

Q. Is this your fourth?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I think it's my fifth.

Q. You played -- I know you played Portland.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I played Portland, I played Mississippi, I played the one in Maryland. So, yeah, fourth.

Q. Fourth.


Q. How old were you played in Portland? You were like 14, right?

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I think I was 14. Yeah.

Q. Have you made match play? You've made match play before.

ANEKA SEUMANUTAFA: I made match play, yeah, all four years.

Q. All four years. You're in good position for that this year.


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