U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Monday, August 2, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Lara Tennant

Quick Quotes

Q. Just talk a little bit about such a long week for you and going from one to the other right away.

LARA TENNANT: A long week. It was pretty exciting to play this golf course for the very first time. I felt just happy to be here, and I had such a great pairing that I just really had a great time and I had my husband on the bag, so absolutely just a great day.

Q. Recap your Senior Women's Open experience briefly.

LARA TENNANT: Awesome. It was such a great week. First of all, being paired with the defending champion as well as Juli Inkster, having my daughter on the bag, and making the cut and then feeling so good about that and playing even-par golf that third day and just finishing strong. I just felt it was just such a bonus.

The entire week was so special. There was just a great feeling there, and everyone was so happy to be there competing but just enjoying one another.

It's such a unique week. The Senior Women's Open is a very special tournament.

Q. Going from playing with the defending champion there to the Girls' Junior runner-up here, what does that say about golf and the opportunities you're getting out of it?

LARA TENNANT: Oh, it's just amazing. All of these experiences are things I'll never forget for the rest of my life. I feel so fortunate, so lucky. I'm so grateful.

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