U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Rachel Kuehn

Quick Quotes

Q. This has to be terribly disappointing. You had such a good two days and then run into somebody who is a pretty accomplished player. Not your normal No. 64 seed.

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, definitely. Marissa played great. I had a couple bounces not go my way and a couple that went hers, and that's golf.

Match play you need a little luck. But, yeah, she played great and wish her the best moving forward.

Q. Obviously some bogeys out there gave her some holes. I know 17 probably has to be the one that will stick in your craw for a while, three-putt.

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, not much to say about it.

Q. Misread? Mishit?

RACHEL KUEHN: No, it was actually just faster than I thought. As an player you can always tell when someone else makes the same mistake you know it's probably not just you. So I hit mine a couple feet way and she had an even shorter putt and hit it by also, so I think it was just a faster putt than we both thought.

Q. Obviously being medalist is a tough thing. Talk about that pressure of playing as medalist versus as a 25 seed or 30 seed.

RACHEL KUEHN: Well, seeding doesn't really matter in this tournament. There is 156 players that can play and 64 players that can play even better. Anyone out here can come out and get hot one day.

We're at the level that seeding doesn't really matter.

Q. Couple holes where you both birdied. Did you birdie first or did she birdie first, 10 and I think the par-5?

RACHEL KUEHN: I birdied first both times. I made my putt on 10 first and tap-in first on 12.

Q. Okay. Did she make some good putts on you on 10 and 12?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, she put it close from the fairway. Rolled in maybe a seven-footer on 10. And we were right next to each other on 12, so both kind of lagged it down.

Q. Captain Ingram was watching and I know you really want to play on this team. What would make your case to be on the U.S.A. team in a few weeks?

RACHEL KUEHN: I don't know, I mean...

I mean, I think I'm a good ball-striker, but ultimately the USGA and captain Instagram are going to pick who they want and I respect this. Hopefully they can make the best Team USA as possible.

Q. What's next for you?


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