U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Emilia Migliaccio

Quick Quotes

Q. You just love to make it interesting in match play in Women's Ams, don't you?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Oh, gosh, I don't know why I do that. I think the hardest thing about match play is when you're not playing well and you are like, Shoot, I could be 3-up right now but I'm 1-down or something like that.

So that was kind of the thing I had to focus on. Like not think about the holes I could have won and just keep going.

Q. You did well to battle back and give yourself a lead going into that last hole. What happened down the stretch to lose it and then how were you able to get the match back your you are side here in four extra playoff holes?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, I hit a great wedge shot actually on the last hole, but it kind of spun to the right, and there is a drop off on the right, so I -- it rolled into the first cut. Almost chipped in, so I had a tap-in, and she made a great putt.

She made a great par save on 3, or on the first hole, and then I missed my birdie on the second hole. She made a great up and down on the third hole.

I mean, I was expecting us to go to extra holes, and luckily I only had to make a three-footer to win.

Q. Got someone new on the bag this week. First time in match play with them. How is that different from stroke play and what was it like having him out there with you and being able to share that kind of moment? I know you had a nice big embrace there. I saw a big high five on 18, too.

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, no, it's been awesome. It was my boyfriend, Charlie. Yeah, it's our first time, and in stroke play we were just having a blast. He was making me laugh the whole time.

In match play it was really nice to have him there. Just felt really relaxed and focused, and like it's really nice to have someone by your side that you guys can emotionally connect and also talk through shots and stuff.

I'm someone that really likes reassurance, so...

And he has really good golf IQ as well. If I have a question he kind of talks it through with me. He was right about the 8-iron on this hole.

Q. You did a great job with the Girls Junior on TV. Was it more fun having a club in your hand again or be on the mic for the Girls Junior?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: I mean, I'm really treasuring this week because it's going to be my last competition for a while. But, yeah, I mean, they're both so exciting. Commentating was as close to playing golf as I could get. So if I can keep doing that I'll be pretty satisfied.

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