U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Cara Heisterkamp

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously an exciting win coming down 18 holes there on the match. Talk me through the round today.

CARA HEISTERKAMP: Basically my dad told me at the beginning with match play just hit fairways, hit greens, and putt to the pins. Obviously the pin locations they put out today were very difficult, so that's what I was doing the whole time.

You know, I was 2-up at one point; lost three holes in a row and I was down one. I was just like, It's okay. Everybody makes mistakes. She'll make a mistake eventually. Just keep playing your game, which I did.

Just kept going back and forth for a while there, and at the end over every single putt all I was thinking was, You have to be confident with your stroke, because over the past two days of stroke play I kept missing putts just slightly because I was easing into them and not fully hitting them.

So every putt today I was -- I'm surprised I made the putts I did. I did not think I would make them. On 15, on 16, all those putts I was just like, Hit your line, be confident, and they went in and they saved my match. So that was my strategy today.

Q. How far were those couple ones, 15, 16?

CARA HEISTERKAMP: On 15 for par she made bogey. I had like a seven-footer for par, big slider; I made that one.

Then I had like a 15-footer to tie the hole on 16 and I -- I can't believe it went in. I was so surprised. I was just so happy.

Q. You knocked off a big name, Erica Shepherd and a high seed. How do you feel now advancing to the round of 32?

CARA HEISTERKAMP: I just -- I'm just grateful. I'm so grateful to be here. I'm so grateful to be able to have done that and for the God-given talent he has blessed me with. This was amazing. I'm so excited.

Q. Is this your first Women's Amateur, correct?

CARA HEISTERKAMP: Yes, it is my first Women's Amateur.

Q. How has the whole week been?

CARA HEISTERKAMP: Oh, my gosh, USGA has run an amazing tournament truly. From the ice cream -- of course I'm a big food person, so the food is amazing.

But, I mean, the facilities are fantastic. All the pace of play, it's really good. All the volunteers are so, so kind and so sweet. There were these little kids coming up to us and asking for our signatures. I just felt so cool.

But every single volunteer out here is so nice. I was talking to some of the people who live around here and they told us, We were pushing so hard for this tournament for girls' golf, and I really felt that. I'm so happy.

Q. That's awesome. Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow?

CARA HEISTERKAMP: Thank you so much. Thank you, sir.

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