U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Brooke Seay

Quick Quotes

Q. Quarterfinals. How does it feel?

BROOKE SEAY: I'm really excited.

Q. How do you kind of evaluate your play today?

BROOKE SEAY: Honestly, I played well solid today. I had two really tough matches. Playing with Emilia I knew it was going to be a tough match going in. She's such a great player. She gave me a really competitive match, and I think that prepared me really well for the next match. I felt engaged the entire time and always felt like I had to be on my game, so I think that helped a lot.

And, yeah, honestly, both matches were really good and I played pretty well, so I feel good about tomorrow.

Q. Having played this course five, six, seven times now this week, who do you needed to well to continue on?

BROOKE SEAY: Yeah, it's -- you see something new every time you see the course. I think I've been learning that under the hole is really key on a lot of the these holes. There is a lot of tiers, so that's been really tough.

I think just being safe on a lot of shots where you don't need to be aggressive, because there are so much trouble and you really just have to -- like placement is key on a lot of holes, and so I think sticking with that strategy and just keeping the putts at good distance, because there is a lot of break, yeah, that'll be key.

Q. Lastly, three from Stanford were in the round of 16. How strong is this Stanford team?

BROOKE SEAY: We're pretty strong right now. It's really cool to be able to play with really good players all the time. We have such good energy on the team and they just push me to be better. Yeah, it was really fun to be them out here. I feel the energy seeing Aline behind me and Rachel on the putting green.

Yeah, it's just been really fun. I feel like we're giving each other energy while we're here, too.

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