U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Kan Bunnabodee

Quick Quotes

Q. So just talk a little bit about the round today. You're on to the quarterfinals.

KAN BUNNABODEE: You want me to talk about the first round or the second round or...

Q. Yeah, a little bit of both.

KAN BUNNABODEE: Okay, so I would say my first round was kind of tough. We played to 19 holes and it was a really good match. I like to play with her.

And the second round I just kind of know myself that I kind of like somehow lose energy, so I'm just thinking about making it on like fairway and put it on the green, just keep making par.

That's kind of work well, so, yeah.

Q. Yeah. You're a quarterfinalist in the US Women's Amateur. How does that make you feel?

KAN BUNNABODEE: It's pretty exciting actually because this is my first time playing U.S. Women, a major, so I'm looking forward to that. Just going to enjoy my time with whoever I'm going to play with, yeah.

Q. How was the course playing today compared to the last few days?

KAN BUNNABODEE: I think the course is kind of the same. The green might be a little bit faster, but pretty much everything really the same.

But today is like no wind, so that's what make difference kind of.

Q. Which part of your game was working best today out there?

KAN BUNNABODEE: I would say part that work best it's driver, because most of the time I hit it on the fairway, and so from that I have a chance to hit it on the green or hit it close to the pin.

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