U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Yu-Chiang Hou

Quick Quotes

Q. So I guess let's start with the round this afternoon. You were down three early.


Q. Talk me through how you were able to chip away at that lead and pick it back up on the back nine there.

YU-CHIANG HOU: I just tried to, you know, stay patient as I can. And then, you know, my sister is on the bag and she's walking with me, talking with me, try to calm me down every moment.

And then we just had same strategy as yesterday, fairways, greens, try to just hit it on the green and make two-putt, and I think that works pretty well today.

Q. Has your sister been on the bag the whole week?


Q. What's that been like just throughout the whole week?

YU-CHIANG HOU: It's really special experience. But actually we been caddie for each other for few times, and, I mean, every time works pretty well, so, yeah, we having a lot of fun.

Q. Now I know you played in a few U.S. Girls Juniors, but I think this is your first Women's Amateur.


Q. So even though it's your first one, do you feel like some of your success at Arizona or elsewhere has prepared you for this championship?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yes, definitely, because we just finish the season this May and then we play match play as well, and I think that helps me being prepare and know how the match play works.

Just, yeah, I think all the college events and then, you know, the U.S. Girls Junior I played the past few years, that helps as well.

Q. You're a quarterfinalist in the U.S. Women's Amateur. How does that make you feel?

YU-CHIANG HOU: It's really excited and I just can't wait to teeing off next few days. Yeah.

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