U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 6, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Yu-Chiang Hou

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice win today. Obviously playing a girl who is still in high school.


Q. Was that any different, not playing somebody who you normally see a college kid on your side of the draw?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Not really, because Cara is such a good player. And she's only 15, that's really amazing me. Like she played good golf.

And then I just tried to play my best and then stay patient, yeah.

Q. Can you think of yourself when you were 15? It's not that long ago. You're 19, 20. Were you playing that well at that age?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yeah, I think -- I'm not sure, but I mean, Cara is playing really good, yeah.

Q. How is your conditioning? Obviously you have I guess a torn labrum in left hip.

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yes. I think about my injury is actually went okay, because I was planning to do surgery this summer, but after like last season I discuss with my trainer and my coach and we just decided not to and focus more on PT and doing all the exercise instead of surgery.

But I think that went still pretty good and I did not have to take any ibuprofen or something.

Q. Does it affect you, do you have to make any adjustments with your golf swing?

YU-CHIANG HOU: A little bit, because I still a little scared about to hit that same spot.

Q. Right. Is it tough walking this golf course? It's pretty hilly.

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yeah, it's a little bit hurting like when I walk to (indiscernible - wind).

Q. You're now in the semifinals. This is your first Women's Amateur. Has this exceeded expectations? I know you're ranked very high in the world rankings, so obviously you've proven yourself on the big events. How about this week? Have you exceeded your expectations or...

YU-CHIANG HOU: I did not like come in this tournament for that high expectation because this actually my first tournament of the summer.

Q. Wow.

YU-CHIANG HOU: I take like full two month off from doing all the PT and exercise, and after take some time off like from practice, too.

So this is my I first tournament back, and I'm pretty happy about like the result right now. And then just keep doing my best and like looking forward next two days.

Q. What was the last tournament you played? Nationals?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yeah, Nationals, end of May.

Q. So you were laid back for the spring season too this year, weren't you?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Not really. I only not playing one tournament.

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