U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Rye, New York, USA

Westchester Country Club

Yu-Chiang Hou

Quick Quotes

Q. First Arizona person to get to the finals since your coach 21 years ago. How does that make you feel?

YU-CHIANG HOU: It's really amazing. Like representing my college and then wearing all the UofA unit, it's just amazing. You know, just want to -- really want to make them proud and make my coach, my teammates, and then all the support system back in my college. It's really special.

Q. Had you heard much from Laura this week? Texting? Phone calls?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yes. Like they been text me really sweet message every day and they like call me to say congrats and really give me a lot of support.

Q. What did she text you last night after you won your quarterfinal match? What was the message for today?

YU-CHIANG HOU: You know, she actually called me two days ago and she was like, I'm going to flew to New York if you made it to final. I'm like, really? And that's one of my goal.

And, yeah, you have to book your flight right now.

Q. Does that put any extra pressure on you?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Not really, because she just super nice.

Q. Your match got tight. You were up two; gave away a couple holes on the back nine. Did you feel some nerves? I know you had a poor drive on 15.

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yes. I'm not like quite nervous, but I know I couldn't do anything if it's because of my bad shot. So I just try to focus more on my shot by shot and try to hit greens and then just get back to my normal routine.

So, yeah.

Q. So it was all square going into 17 and you hit it on the green and she hit a poor shot. Going 1-up to 18, a little momentum? A little more positive thoughts in your mind when you took a 1-up lead into 18?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yes, definitely. Going to No. 18 with 1-up it's a lot of like more, you know, just give me more confident to play 18.

Q. You hadn't played 17 and 18 since stroke play. Did you try to -- do those holes come back to you? When you haven't played them sometimes you forget what those holes do, how the greens react.

YU-CHIANG HOU: Uh-huh, but still just stick with my game plan and then try to hit fairway, greens, and just try make par, and, you know, if I hit it close, just made birdie.

Q. And then on 18, how far was your shot?


Q. Yards?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yards, yeah.

Q. Obviously she had a poor drive, but still, to hit a shot like that under the pressure, to hit it that close when most people are thinking just get it to the middle of the green, you went right at it?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Yeah, because that's my favorite yardage and then I just want to go for it.

Q. What club did you hit?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Pitching wedge because it's into the wind.

Q. So 48 degree or something like that?


Q. How about playing 36 holes tomorrow? I know you have the bad hip.

YU-CHIANG HOU: You know, I still doing my own things, doing rehab, and then exercise, stretching tonight, and then tomorrow morning.

So try to get ready and then put my 100% for tomorrow.

Q. If you play Rachel it's the Arizona/Stanford, you guys have a little bit of a rivalry.


Q. You think she's going to -- if you do play her, do you think there will be some extra incentive?

YU-CHIANG HOU: Not really. I know Rachel is really good player and she's been really nice. She is great people, too. I'm just really looking forward to tomorrow's match and just want to having fun.

Q. Probably want to get some rest.


Q. Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow. Thank you.

YU-CHIANG HOU: Thank you.

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