U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Latanna Stone

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, can you go ahead and walk us through your eagle on hole 7?

LATANNA STONE: Yeah, so I think I had about like -- I'm trying to think how far I had. Like maybe 95, so just the sweet spot.

I thought I hit it too far because it literally just disappeared and I was like, oh, my gosh. It's over the green. Like I hit it over.

But it looked like it slam dunk -- it was really silent, too. I'm not the type of person to jump and like, oh, my gosh, like have that much. But I'm just like, oh, cool. Like great eagle. Like let's move on.

Q. Yeah.

LATANNA STONE: It's match play, and it's only -- it's not like you get two shots. It's only one.

Q. Yeah.

LATANNA STONE: So kind of have to keep your head zoned in. The eagle was great. It was good momentum after starting very rough with the 2-down off the bat.

Q. Uh-huh. So how do you really flip your mindset after that?

LATANNA STONE: Well, I just made sure to keep a smile on my face and just laugh off some stupid things that I did.

Like I had one putt where I just literally hit it like 15 feet by the hole and I was like, great, I have a par putt.

But I made the par putt coming back and I was just laughing the whole time.

Q. Good. Good.

LATANNA STONE: It's just silly, just silly things. It's just golf, so like what can you do?

Q. Exactly. How was it out there playing with a friend?

LATANNA STONE: It was honestly so much fun, but it was really hard at the same time.

Q. Yeah.

LATANNA STONE: Because we're both out there to win but we're really good friends at the same time. We were both on Curtis Cup and been friends since the we were little, too.

So it was really hard. I feel for her. I mean, we're all out here to do one thing though, and get the job done.

Q. What's your mindset going into tomorrow?

LATANNA STONE: Same thing as today: Just every day is different, and play your game and have fun.

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