U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Briana Chacon

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm here with Briana. Can you just kind of walk us through your round and just kind of how you fought that battle.

BRIANA CHACON: Yeah, so starting off my front nine it was a little rough. Had a few bogeys on the front nine. It was just kind of weird.

But the back nine I was doing some catch-up work for sure. Had a few birdies go in luckily and had some really good approach shots and just made some more clutch putts on the back nine.

And we just had one playoff hole on No. 1 and that was it.

Q. Anything change for you mentally going into the back nine to kind of kick it back into high gear?

BRIANA CHACON: I think I was just like a lot more focused. I think I figured out my swing a little bit better because I was just missing it right on the front nine and I was able it fix that on the back nine.

But I was just like way more focused and I just kind of like turned it on.

Q. What are your thoughts going into tomorrow?

BRIANA CHACON: I'm not going to do too much differently. I mean, in match play I just like to stay very even keeled, just only focus on myself. I try not to get too like caught up with the other player and just try to focus on myself and minimizing my mistakes and just trying to do the best that I can do.

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