U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Anna Davis

Quick Quotes

Q. So I kind of forgot this is your first Women's Am. Talk about the experience so far.

ANNA DAVIS: I don't know, it's a USGA event so you always have very high expectations, and it meets those expectations getting to play on a golf course like this and obviously against the best players in the amateur game.

So, yeah, I think it definitely meets expectations, especially for my first.

Q. All USGA events are long. This one is even longer. The fact that there is still three days of golf hopefully, how do you mentally stay in it?

ANNA DAVIS: I don't know. I think it's like especially after stroke play every match is a new match. Match play is definitely very different than stroke play, and so I think it's honestly a little less mentally challenging because you kind of get to base what you do off what the other player is doing, things like that.

You don't really have to have your best game at all times, so I think that's definitely a little helpful when it comes to playing this event.

Q. What do you feel right now about the state of your game and what you learned about this course?

ANNA DAVIS: I think in the first two rounds of stroke play I was very nervous the way I was hitting it because it was not pretty. I think was just tired. I'm feeling a little bit more well-rested and just swinging it a lot smoother and experience better.

I feel good, putting is good, so I think everything feels very consistent right now. So I think that's kind of what I need.

Q. Last question: What is it like having your brother on the bag?

ANNA DAVIS: It's all right. We've definitely had our ups and downs with him caddieing. Probably my fault. I can be kind of mean. I think it's been going well so far this week. Just kind of keeps me loose so it's nice.

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