U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Latanna Stone

Quick Quotes

Q. So, probably one of the craziest matches we'll see this week, not for a while. How would you summarize it all?

LATANNA STONE: It was a tough match. We both played really well out there, and she was fighting back and so was I. The final stretch like was kind of when I was like, okay, I'm making a lot of putts, I'm playing really good.

I really hadn't felt like that in the beginning of the round at all. Putts weren't dropping and I wasn't putting very good. Just started turning around and flipping, so...

Q. This morning you were so good with your wedges. You were really almost lights out against Rachel this morning. This afternoon, like you said, came out a little slow. When did you feel things switch or it started to click for you?

LATANNA STONE: Well, the first match I feel like I was refreshed and I just started out. It's always the second round and you're like, oh, I've seen this pin; I did this before. It just kind of, you know, throws you off a little bit.

But I think having a strong mindset and staying in it really helped me out.

Q. Did the fatigue factor set in at all throughout the second round?

LATANNA STONE: I made sure to eat a really good lunch, so, no, it was okay. I'm starting to feel it a little bit, but I'm okay.

Q. What's the game plan for tomorrow? Obviously you'll get some rest tonight, but are you going to change anything tomorrow or just happy to be in the quarterfinals?

LATANNA STONE: No, I'm happy to be in the quarterfinals. I think it's exciting. I've never been in this position before. Been to like seven Women's Ams and this is the farthest I've come, so I'm really excited.

No matter what happens, I'll be happy.

Q. How much extra did you put on that drive on the second extra hole?

LATANNA STONE: I was raging, guys. I was so mad. That was the furthest I've been on that hole. I had like 100 yards like in, and usually I had like -- pretty sure I had 130 or 140 in in the morning.

So, yeah. It was good. Good day.

Q. You've taken down some big names to get to this point, so how would you summarize the week?

LATANNA STONE: I mean, those were my Curtis Cup teammates, the first two, and it was hard. I'm really good friends with them and it was a difficult situation. It's luck of the draw, right?

So I'm like, you know, playing with Yana and her being the U.S. Girls champion, it's pretty cool. She's been up there, and I think that still I'm getting experience and it's great.

Q. You've been a part of big events. People bring up ANWA last year and everything.


Q. What did you learn from that experience just about everything, and how has your game grown from all the times that you've been -- like you said, this is your six or seventh Women's Am?

LATANNA STONE: I mean, after ANWA it definitely matured me emotion-wise. You can't take things too seriously. Even though it's such a big tournament, like making sure you carry yourself really well is super important and having a good attitude. No one likes to see a crazy person on the golf course. It's not fun at all.

Like especially if people or like young girls or boys are watching, it's always important to be a good role model to them. Even though people get mad on the course, it's always good to manage yourself in a good way.

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