U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 11, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Latanna Stone

Quick Quotes

Q. Want to take you back really quick. What do you remember about the Women's Am when you were ten years old?

LATANNA STONE: I just remember like playing with Lydia Ko in like my practice round, and like it's just so weird, because looking at 10 year olds now I'm like, there is no way I was out here rolling around.

I would've been like, who is this girl? It's so weird. But I don't really remember that much at all. It's such a blur.

Q. To be here now, first time in the semifinals, what's working this week? Like what's clicking?

LATANNA STONE: I think my brain is like clicking, like the motors are running. I don't know. I just like have a different mindset this week. I don't know what it is.

I just think that like something is clicking up there and I'm just like, we're going to have fun. You know what? Who cares if I get knocked out. I've never even made it this far before. This is my seventh Women's Am. It's a big accomplishment.

I'm just so grateful for it. Not taking any moment for granted. Like this is so cool. I know I played in some big events, but like this is pretty fricking cool.

Q. I was standing like ten feet behind you. Take me back to your second shot on 8, the par-5. (Wind interference.) Hit to like two feet and you didn't even see it.

LATANNA STONE: I know. I'm like...

Q. What club did you have and what was your distance on that?

LATANNA STONE: I had 203 or something, or 209, and I hit like a punch 5-iron. He was like, just play it left of the bunkers. I'm like, all right. I hit it and my left eye, like I could not see out of my eye. So I'm literally like, where is it? Because I had to take it out and like I was rubbing on it. I couldn't really see. Funky contact.

But, I mean, anyway, yeah, that's what I hit.

Q. I know you won a couple holes on the back side, but do you feel like that was a big shot that helped flip your match? You were battling back and forth the first seven.

LATANNA STONE: She's so nice. Absolutely lovely. So nice. And like she put on a good fight. She had some really good putts out there and just nothing was falling.

She played really good. And it wasn't like birdies were winning it. It just like pars. It was just stuff like that. But what can you do? She's just nice. She's so nice. Very nice girl.

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