U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Los Angeles, California, USA

Bel-Air Country Club

Megan Schofill

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations. What does it mean big picture, final United States Women's Am?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I feel like there is no words that can describe it. Every girl in this field, obviously that was their goal. I've had a great week so far. Obviously the ultimate goal is to go out there and try and play my best tomorrow, but regardless of the outcome I think it's still a great week.

I need to hold my head high, and just excited to play against Latanna.

Q. Great match against Hailey today. Some big shots out there. Take us through the birdie putt on 3 and then the eagle on 14.

MEGAN SCHOFILL: The birdie putt on 3.

Q. Long one.

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Oh, okay. Yeah, sorry. Yeah, no, she did not hit her best shot into that par-3, and I honestly was just trying to get a good lag putt because she had a pretty tough shot.

I was figuring she was going to make a long one for par and probably leave with bogey and then somehow it went in.

That was probably my worst shot on that hole this whole week, and haven't made a single birdie, and finally hit it to 50 feet and I make it. So crazy up and down.

Q. And then eagle on 14. Seemed like it came at a really important part of the match.

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Yes, I'd just lost the previous hole. Didn't hit a great shot into that par-3, but a hit a high cut into that right-to-left wind, so it kind of let the ball sit pretty soft.

Yeah, that was a huge swing in the match.

Q. What in general has been working for you this week, parts of the game and maybe even the course that you have here at Bel-Air?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I feel like I've hit the ball pretty well off the tee the whole week. A little bit on the front nine I was a little shaky off the tee. Hit a few high right shots, but was able to not do that after the turn so that kind of helped.

I feel like this golf course if you can get it off the tee, that is super important because the rough is getting thick as the week has gone on. Feel like fairways and greens is what I've done. Haven't hit a lot close, but I have hit a lot to 20, 30 feet, and been able to leave a lot of those holes with par.

Q. Watched the interview you had on the last hole. Very emotional obviously, getting to this point. Kind of encapsulate what you're feeling getting to this point, biggest event in women's golf?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Super proud of myself. Couldn't do it without my parents and my boyfriend being here this week.

But regardless of the outcome it's been a great tournament. Obviously the ultimate goal is to try and outlast Latanna tomorrow, but I know we're going to have a great match and both going to play great golf.

So whatever happens, happens. Meant to be.

Q. Last one I have. We saw you warming up a little bit, chatty with CJ, talking a lot. How has he helped out there, whether it's in the warmup, off the course, things you're doing on the course?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: For sure he's helped me a ton this week. For people that know me, when I play I like to talk and once I get to my shot I'm very focused on golf. After that I feel like for myself to play well I have to think about other things and talk about other things.

So I feel like the more pressure you put on the golf and the golf swing it just makes it that much harder. This is already such a hard game. If I can make it as fun and lighthearted as I possibly can, that's when I feel like I play my best golf.

Q. I want to talk a little bit about Latanna. You guys obviously have played in the SEC; see each other plenty. I've talked with her, and obviously she knows you pretty well. What do you expect out of her game? I know just got done today, but what are you looking forward to tomorrow?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Latanna is a great ball-striker. She hits a lot of fairways and green. Great putter. Overall fantastic golfer. I think we have pretty similar games. I feel like we hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens.

But, no, I mean, I think tomorrow is going to be a great match, but par out here is a great score. If you can keep it fairway and green you have a really great chance to win the hole or tie a lot of holes.

Q. With tomorrow being as big of an endurance stretch as it will be playing two rounds of golf, what's the plan tonight to get ready for tomorrow? Anything special planned or just hanging out?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: We've ordered food in like every night so we'll probably keep that streak going. No, we might walk around, do something. We need to wash clothes. We have like no clothes left, so that's probably first on the priority list.

But, yeah, probably just take it pretty easy. Long day. It's been a long week.

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