U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

Jack Trent

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice round today, especially on that second nine. Seemed like you turned it around. What did you say to yourself when you got to the 10th tee?

JACK TRENT: I figured if I could get one on 10, because then 11 and 12 are difficult holes -- I actually got one on 10 and then made a bomb on 12, which was just a bonus.

Q. How far?

JACK TRENT: Probably 30 feet, yeah. And then picked up another one on 13 and then made a bomb again on 14. So it was just kind of like unconscious stuff. I wasn't even trying to do it, it just kind of happened.

And then I thought if I could go 1-under or even on the last four holes, that would be really good for me. I think the last four holes I started thinking, but those first five on the back kind of just happened.

Q. The long putt on 14 was how long?

JACK TRENT: It was probably 28, 30 feet again. I got the putter hot, so it felt good out there.

Q. Obviously the winds are not blowing as hard right now as they were yesterday afternoon. Did you feel like it was a little advantage to get out early and beat the potential weather this afternoon?

JACK TRENT: Yeah, the front nine was actually pretty good. It was probably like 10 to 15, and then the back nine started picking up, but I think the back nine is a bit easier.

But I also made a couple really good putts. It is definitely playing easier than the practice rounds, that's for sure, but that's kind of what they had scheduled for the weather.

Q. Obviously 69 is a great start. You're going to play in the afternoon tomorrow, and it could be breezy again, so this gives you a little bit of a cushion?

JACK TRENT: Yeah, we'll see what happens. If it's about the same wind -- I mean, as long as it's not as windy as those first two practice rounds, I don't think it will be. That was insane. It was like 40, 45.

Q. Yesterday was bad.

JACK TRENT: Yeah, it was brutal. But I'm not the only one teeing off late. There's guys teeing off at 3:00, I'm going off just before 12:00, so it's really not too bad.

Q. Did you stay here this summer or did you go home?

JACK TRENT: I live in Vegas. I can't get back to Australia at the moment, so until they open up the borders, I'm here, so I've just been kind of hanging out practicing in Vegas. Not too much else has been going on for me.

Q. Did you take summer school classes?

JACK TRENT: I had two early in the summer. They're all done now, so I've just been playing, working towards this.

Q. So you haven't seen family in how long?

JACK TRENT: My family is here, just my dad is in Australia. He works. So it's not too bad for him. It would be worse if he was stuck here because his job is over there. But it wouldn't be bad seeing him again soon, honestly, but I'm here for golf, so I'd rather be here than over there in Australia because they've shut down all tournaments.

Q. Can you play recreationally there?

JACK TRENT: Yeah, you can play recreationally, just --

Q. No competition?

JACK TRENT: Yeah, so it's not good over there. So I'm lucky I'm here, honestly.

Q. You're what year in school?

JACK TRENT: I'll be a senior starting in a couple weeks. Unfortunately we don't have a fall season.

Q. So the mountain west has basically shut it down?

JACK TRENT: Yeah, they were one of the first ones to say no. All the none cash contact sports are not doing it and then all the contact are going ahead and starting. I don't know what the deal is there. But hopefully there's some tournaments made. Honestly, this is probably the last one for I don't know how long.

Q. These kind of conditions, is it similar to anything you play in Australia?

JACK TRENT: It doesn't get as windy where I was from, but in Vegas it can actually get really windy and gusty, so that's kind of where I've practiced my wind shots. Vegas is like gusty stuff, though. This is kind of like a constant breeze. At least you always know where it's coming from. Vegas it's just swirling. It can get breezy there. Where I was from in Australia is not too bad.

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