U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

Hunter Wolcott

Quick Quotes

Q. What did you think out there today?

HUNTER WOLCOTT: I had a good time. You know, we kind of just wanted to have fun. We were anxious the past couple days to just get going. We had a good game plan and got off to a good start. Short game was kind of there all day and ended up shooting a good number.

Q. Did your dad ever play in the Am?

HUNTER WOLCOTT: Yes, sir, dad and older brother.

Q. What was the thought going into this?

HUNTER WOLCOTT: No thought except I play week in, week out with these guys and know I'm good enough to play with them, know I'm good enough to compete and win here, so I just wanted to put my head down and show people how good I really am.

Q. Your thoughts going into tomorrow?

HUNTER WOLCOTT: Just kind of keep it going. We've got a good game plan. We'll sit down and look at the pins for tomorrow, spend some time later in the day and kind of just keep it going.

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