U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

McClure Meissner

Quick Quotes

Q. That's quite a round considering what the conditions were like, especially yesterday. Did you think a 64 was out there?

McCLURE MEISSNER: I did not, no. But I got out there early and made some putts. I got off hot, got off to a hot start and then hit it really well all day. I think I only missed one or two greens. Just gave myself good looks all day. We were fortunate that they moved up a couple boxes on a couple par-3s. They could have made it extremely hard on those par-3s, but they were nice.

Q. You've still got to hit shots, though.

McCLURE MEISSNER: Exactly. You've still got to hit shots. It's still playing as hard as it gets. Then birdied the par-5s --

Q. All of them?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Didn't birdie 13. Missed like a seven-footer.

Q. You birdied 17 and 18; how far were the putts?

McCLURE MEISSNER: I made like a 12-footer on 17 and like a five-footer on 18. Yeah, just kind of plotted my way around all day and took advantage of the holes where I had good looks.

Q. The scores are good today.

McCLURE MEISSNER: Yeah, it was -- we got out there early, so it was nice to be able to get out early before the wind picked up. The wind picked up probably around hole 11 for us, so we were able to get 10 good holes in, and I shot 5-under on those holes, so that was nice.

Q. Was there a point in the round where you thought, today is going to be a good day?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Yeah, the first and second hole I made a 15-footer on 1 and then hit a good 5-iron on the second hole, and then it just went a little long, had a tough up-and-down, but made like a good six-footer. When I got off to that start and made birdie the next hole --

Q. How far was the birdie on 3?

McCLURE MEISSNER: The birdie on 3 was a two-putt. I had like 20 feet for eagle.

Q. Obviously coming in hot. You won the Southern and you had a great final round there. Do you feel good about your game right now as you come into the biggest championship of the season?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Yeah, I think I got off -- played well at the Southern and then Western I just struggled with my putting. I made a little tweak last week before and felt great out there. Yeah, just keep the bus rolling, I guess.

Q. And a Texas kid, you're used to seeing wind. Are you a guy that can play a low ball?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Yeah, so I was talking to some of the guys in my group today, and I was like, yeah, in the springtime in Dallas it blows 15, 20, 25, so it feels -- although I don't play this grass a lot, it feels like a home game for me just because I'm able to kind of be creative. That's kind of where I excel.

Q. Hit these shots?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Hitting shots that a lot of people don't see. Yeah, it's fun. I just like to go out there and just make it work.

Q. Obviously a 64 puts you in great position for tomorrow. Obviously you've got to play well, but there's not that pressure of maybe having to grind it.

McCLURE MEISSNER: Exactly. It'll be nice to go out there and just kind of hit a lot of greens, just keep giving myself looks. That was kind of our mentality today, keep hitting greens, you're making pars, and pars are great out here.

Q. How many Amateurs is this for you?

McCLURE MEISSNER: This is my fourth.

Q. What's your best finish?

McCLURE MEISSNER: I made it to -- I lost in the round of 16 at Pebble.

Q. To whom?

McCLURE MEISSNER: Alex Fitzpatrick.

Q. And you're a senior?

McCLURE MEISSNER: I'll be a senior this year.

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