U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Trails

Andy Ogletree

Quick Quotes

Q. So your assessment of your first round today?

ANDY OGLETREE: Just didn't play well. Missed a couple short putts. Obviously got to take advantage of the easy holes. I felt like I did a decent job of that, but there's also some hard holes out there that they're playing into the wind, and if there was no wind obviously they'd be really short, pretty easy holes. Bogeyed three out of my last four coming in, so I played okay until then, just got to finish it off a little better.

Obviously playing Dunes tomorrow in the afternoon it's going to be windy, but I've got to figure it out and just go post a good score and see what happens.

Q. Did the wind change at all? Some folks have said the wind changes right after 14; is that true?

ANDY OGLETREE: Well, yeah, it's true because the last four holes are straight into the wind. The rest of the golf course is pretty easy and you get the last four holes straight into the wind.

I mean, there's no excuse, though. You've got to play well. I had a couple misses that were a foot from perfect, and they ended up in really bad spots. I've just got to play better.

Q. Obviously you're experienced in these kind of championships, and having won last year, too, what kind of experience helps you with playing tomorrow's round?

ANDY OGLETREE: I mean, I know I can play difficult golf courses. I've played overseas in the wind. I feel like I'm really good at flighting ball, and I think that experience will help me a lot.

Q. What will you work on before tomorrow's round to get ready?

ANDY OGLETREE: I mean, not much. I'm playing fine. I've just got to score a little better. Probably go hit a few and try to -- I mean, I hit it pretty good. Definitely go putt, but right now in the wind, it's hard to even work on your stroke. There's not much you can do. I'm just going to -- I feel pretty good about where my game is at, just go play golf.

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