U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Trails

Philip Barbaree

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell me about that finish.

PHILIP BARBAREE: Yeah, really the last four, five holes were just dead into the wind. My low shots have been great all day, really all week. I don't really have a problem hitting it low, so that kind of benefits me a little bit. Just happened to hit some great shots at the right times. Hit a 4-iron on 17 to about 25 feet and made it, and then on the last hole, hit an 8-iron in there from about 100 yards to about four feet. It was straight downwind, balls were moving, and I just had to barely tap it, and I don't know if it didn't go in, I don't know if it would have stopped, but it did go in thankfully.

Q. Considering the conditions and it's afternoon, does a 68 feel like a 65?

PHILIP BARBAREE: Absolutely. Any time -- these conditions are tough. I mean, this wind is blowing, howling, gusts up to 30 to 40, and it's tough out there. To shoot that score, it does, it feels even lower really. I think my caddie said it's probably one of the best solid rounds I've played that he's seen. It was a really good round.

Q. Why do you think that happened today? What was different that made it a solid round?

PHILIP BARBAREE: It's just the wind. Just the way I ball striked it hit. I hit it well, hit a lot of great shots. When it's blowing and this windy you really have to be more strategic, and I felt like I was doing that extremely well today.

Q. When you started out today and you knew that you were probably going to play in the wind this afternoon, what were you thinking? What was a good score in your mind if you were even thinking that way?

PHILIP BARBAREE: Yeah, I think around these two courses, even par is a great score. That's kind of where I wanted to keep it around. To finish like that just gives me a big boost of confidence going into tomorrow.

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