U.S. Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Trails

Andrew Kozan

Quick Quotes

Q. Pretty good 68 there this morning, and obviously you're safely on to the next round. How do you feel right now?

ANDREW KOZAN: Yeah, I feel great. Game has been feeling really well coming into this week. I played really well yesterday, shot 1-over in the afternoon at Bandon Dunes, which I thought was a pretty decent round out there, so I knew I had the easier of the two this morning. Just get something under par today and we'll be looking good, and then got off to a good start, birdied 1 and 3, so that kind of eased myself down a little bit. And then kind of coasted in from there. I think I made the turn at 1-under but got a few birdies on the back coming in.

Q. Obviously you had five birdies today. Any of those you really were proud of, or long putts?

ANDREW KOZAN: No, I've been hitting the ball really well. Just hitting fairways, hitting greens somewhat close and then just make a percentage of those. Had tap-ins on 1 and 3. Other than that, just good 10-, 12-footers the whole day.

Q. Was there a par that maybe kept the round moving in the right direction?

ANDREW KOZAN: Yeah, I think it was 14. I think the short par-4 -- I don't know if it was 13 or 14, short par-4, flared my tee shot out to the right, then a really crappy shot from the bunker. I had nothing to go at the green. Had to play out left, ended up hitting it into the fescue sort of short-sided, and hit a good bump-and-run through it and saved par. That really kept the nerves calm for the last few holes, getting that one done.

Q. What's your mindset now that you've gotten through the stroke play portion and you're moving on to match play, because obviously it's a different ballgame.

ANDREW KOZAN: Yeah, it is. I'm always a really confident player in match play. Last match play I won up by one, so I definitely got a positive mindset going in, and I feel like the game is in a great position to get it done.

Q. For those that maybe don't know the difference between stroke play and match play, how do you play differently in match play?

ANDREW KOZAN: You don't really play differently until you know what the other person does. A lot of your decisions come off what they do. If it's a tough pin and they stuff one, then you've got to go at it, or if it's a simple shot and they hit a poor one, you kind of just play safe. It's a lot depending on how your opponent plays it. But to start it's the same as usual.

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