U.S. Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Trails

Charles Osborne

Quick Quotes

Q. How do you explain going from 77 to 64 in 24 hours?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Well, honestly, I didn't play that bad yesterday, and I kind of turned on the back nine, and on 11 I think the wind was blowing easily 35 into, and that's how it stayed on the back nine. I actually played good golf and liked how I was swinging, so I came out here and did the same thing. The course was -- like it's in the trees and then the wind was down this morning, so happy to take advantage of it, and the putter was rolling, too.

Q. When you started the day, what kind of number did you have in your mind as far as making match play?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I thought 3-over total was going to make match play, so I was trying to shoot -- I was going to try to get to 3-under on the day, starting the day.

Q. Talk about making six birdies in a row, maybe some highlights on some of those birdies and what was flowing well for you?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Honestly, I hit pretty much every shot to like 10, 15 feet and the putts started dropping, and then I hit a couple close ones. I actually just burned the edge for eagle on 9, and then those 10-footers just kept dropping.

Q. What did you hit into 9 and what was the yardage?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I had 255 and I hit a 3-iron. It was probably about 18 feet, just short right. It was perfect.

Q. And then you birdied three more in a row, 14, 15, 16.


Q. You birdied -- the last birdie was on a par-5. How did you do that?

CHARLES OSBORNE: On the par-5 I hit a driver and I had about 230 in, but it was up 13, and then I just hit it just right of the green and got up-and-down, kind of an easy up-and-down.

Q. At that point you've got 10 birdies on the card. I don't know if your mind drifts or you're just concentrating, but do you know if you're in a little bit of rarefied air at that point?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I didn't. I was just kind of in the zone. I was trying to get a couple more coming in, but I had a couple hiccups.

Q. And then the finish there on 17 and 18, you went bogey-bogey, but 18 -- you had about five, six feet for par?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, about six feet. I just hit that first putt a little hard. I thought it was going to break but it just didn't break. I hit a good putt. It's all right.

Q. Obviously you're happy about tying the course record, but how about looking forward to match play now? You have a round like this, obviously you've got a little momentum going.

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, definitely feels a lot better. I didn't feel so good last night coming off a 77, but it feels a lot better knowing I can make some putts and hit the shots I want to.

Q. Obviously you've had a fairly young career so far, but where would you rank this round of all the rounds you've played so far as an amateur?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Definitely top 5. I've had a couple good ones, a couple good qualifiers. Probably put it at top three maybe. But it's kind of special to me, yeah. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

Q. Obviously you go to SMU and there's pretty good players on that team.


Q. How competitive is that? Has that raised your level?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Oh, for sure. It's really cool to see those guys like Noah, Mac and Ben, all those guys, just kind of competing with each other. Before in Reno there's not a lot of competition, so it was really fun to go down to Texas and actually see some players that can kind of kick you around a little bit. It was humbling, but it also made me a lot better as a player.

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