U.S. Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

Trey Winstead

Quick Quotes

Q. Great score today, considering the winds. How do you compare today to yesterday? Obviously a 67 is a great round.

TREY WINSTEAD: Yes, sir, thank you. It was kind of nice to start early yesterday, get out before everything. I played nicely for the first kind of 13 holes yesterday but kind of had a rough finish. But played really well again today.

Q. Talk about your form coming into this week. You've been playing lights out this summer. Just your confidence level when you first stepped foot here at Bandon, and I guess it's probably no surprise that you're into match play.

TREY WINSTEAD: I mean, I've had a really nice summer, played well at all the tournaments I've been at. My focus was kind of just keep focusing on all the small things I've been doing right that helps the big things work.

Q. What was the injury you had?

TREY WINSTEAD: I had a golfer's elbow, kind of tendonitis on the inside part of my elbow, my right elbow.

Q. And that was bothering you during the college season, right?


Q. You didn't come to Tavistock, right?

TREY WINSTEAD: No, I played Tavistock. That was in October. It came up in early November, and I missed the first tournament in California for the spring. And then kind of just didn't quite have my form and didn't have control of the ball.

Q. Didn't you shoot a score in the 80s at one point --

TREY WINSTEAD: Yeah, it was a struggle. We were playing desert courses, so when you miss the fairway you kept hitting until you got one in.

Q. What was the worst round do you think you shot when your elbow was bothering you?

TREY WINSTEAD: I think it was probably the first round in Cabo. I think I shot maybe 88 or 89 in the first round. That was interesting.

Q. Does that feel like 10 years ago now?

TREY WINSTEAD: It does. I mean, even since kind of the season ended, it feels so long ago. But it's been great to be able to get back out and compete again.

Q. So you made match play at North and South, and then did you make match play at Western, too?

TREY WINSTEAD: I did, yes. Kind of snuck in. Had a good 36-hole day at the end and was fortunate enough to make it in.

Q. You've played match play -- you made a deep run at Pebble, right?

TREY WINSTEAD: I lost in the round of 64.

Q. But you made match play at Pebble?

TREY WINSTEAD: I did make match play at Pebble.

Q. Was that the only time you've made it in the U.S. Am?


Q. Can you talk about after shooting a great score today on the match play course, how much do you think that will carry over for you psychologically going into the matches tomorrow?

TREY WINSTEAD: I mean, it will definitely give a little boost of confidence, but tomorrow is a new day. The only thing you can focus on now is get some good rest, get some food and have the best warmup I can have tomorrow and go from there.

Q. Is this the first time your dad hasn't caddied for you in a USGA event, other than the Junior?

TREY WINSTEAD: I never played the Junior. Never made it in. The U.S. Am at Pebble is the only USGA event I've played.

Q. But it's probably the first tournament you've played where he hasn't been here, right?


Q. Because he's at every college tournament.

TREY WINSTEAD: Right. My brother is moving to college tomorrow, and my parents, you have to be there for your son.

Q. Isn't he going to A & M?


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