U.S. Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

Aman Gupta

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously not the 64 yesterday, but you're in the match play, and I'm sure that was your goal going into this round.

AMAN GUPTA: Yeah, I mean, obviously it would have been nice to medal. The goal at the end of the day was to try to win the overall. I mean, still needed to get to match play; the real tournament starts now.

Q. For a guy who was an alternate, got into this field a few days ago, this has to be a pretty good feeling for you.

AMAN GUPTA: Yeah, I mean, this is the same kind of field I've been playing in all summer. I knew I was good enough to play here. It was a relief to get in, but I knew if I got in, I was playing well enough to where I knew I could make a run.

Q. Difference in course conditions today versus what you faced yesterday?

AMAN GUPTA: Obviously a little windier being out on dunes. You're a little more exposed to the ocean and the elements. Definitely a little windier. Greens definitely slowed down a little bit, being in the afternoon. But overall, still golf.

Q. You've got to play this course now the rest of the week for matches. Do you feel like you have a pretty good game plan to attack?

AMAN GUPTA: Yeah, I think I definitely learned some things today like strategy-wise and game plan-wise for the week, different tee lines and different areas you can't be in. Definitely picked up on some more stuff today that's going to help me later this week.

Q. This course is obviously a lot more exposed than Trails, too, so the wind is probably a little different?

AMAN GUPTA: Yeah, the wind definitely, obviously being in Oklahoma, we're pretty used to wind, but it gets a little different here when it's gusting 40. Definitely more exposed out here than Trails. Definitely a little tougher with the wind up. If the wind is down, I think Trails is definitely harder, but with the wind up, this place is pretty tough.

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