U.S. Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes

David Ford

Quick Quotes

Q. How old are you?


Q. Are you a senior in high school?

DAVID FORD: Yeah, I'm going to be a senior.

Q. Are you committed anywhere?


Q. Tough first hole; seemed to go pretty well after that.

DAVID FORD: Yeah, it was kind of the same thing as yesterday. I hit pretty good shots, and then ended up making double and kept telling myself if we're swinging like this, then we're okay.

Q. What are your thoughts heading into tomorrow now, where you are heading into match play?

DAVID FORD: Yeah, I actually kind of like the match play format just because today I was sitting at 3-under making the turn, and then I left a few putts short on holes -- kind of coming in, holes 10, 11, 13, holes like that. I left a few putts short. I think my body just knew that I was well inside the cut line and didn't really have anything to worry about, but I told my caddie, I was like, I want to get to 7-under before the day is done because I wanted to start playing a little bit more aggressive coming in.

I feel like I won't have that problem in match play tomorrow. I can kind of swing for the fences, be as aggressive as I want to on the greens and roll a few putts in.

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