U.S. Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Wilson Furr

Quick Quotes

Q. A lot of good swings again today. Tell us how it felt out there.

WILSON FURR: Yeah, I mean, obviously the hardest part was that we teed off at 2:25 so I just had to sit around and do nothing all day, so that was a little tricky, but we managed it well and played solid all day.

Q. What kind of things do you do to take up the time while you're waiting for a late tee time?

WILSON FURR: Man, we went and ate breakfast. I called my girlfriend, talked to her for a little while. We kind of ate lunch and just tried to stall as much time as we could, watched a little TV. It's not easy, but we made do.

Q. You kept the pace that you had yesterday, which sometimes is hard to come back from a great round. I guess it's all even and you go to 8, and tell us about that hole.

WILSON FURR: Yeah, he had a great shot in there to probably four feet, and so it was a blind little 68-yard shot or something like that. It just came off perfect, and then I never saw it, but it went in apparently.

Q. At that point do you feel like, wow, this is going to be my day two days in a row?

WILSON FURR: I mean, kind of. I was playing okay going into that point. I made a bad swing on 6, hit it in the water, and then a hole-out there, but like I said, it's an eagle, but it's still 1-up, so I still had a lot of work to do, so I just kept the pedal down.

Q. Then you come to 10 and you've got the wind and it's driving and you pull out the driver?

WILSON FURR: Yeah, pulled out the driver, and it was like 275 to cover the bunker, and so it was right-to-left wind, so I figured if I cut a driver back into the wind it would cover it perfect. If it covers that, it rolls to the green. Like I said, I couldn't see it again, but walked up there and it was 15, 20 feet for eagle.

Q. And then you pull away then after that point --

WILSON FURR: I hit probably the best -- I hit a 450-yard par-4, 11th, I hit a 3-wood into and hit the green, so I was pumped about that. That was probably my best shot of the day to be honest with you.

Q. Was that dead into --

WILSON FURR: Just dead into it, yeah. And then birdied 13, birdied 14.

Q. So it's just another step for you. You weren't in match play the first three times you played in the Amateur and now you've won a match play match. Seems like you're accomplishing these little goals along the way here.

WILSON FURR: I'm trying. Yeah, hopefully we'll keep it going.

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