U.S. Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Tyler Strafaci

Quick Quotes

Q. You got it going on that back side.


Q. Was the eagle a key moment in the round?

TYLER STRAFACI: Yeah, I would say the turning point of the round was on 11, had a really, really tough iron. I had lost a couple holes and I was playing great. I doubled the first hole and I was still probably even or 1-under for the round. I hit it to seven feet, and he kind of missed a par putt and gave it to me, and then 12 hit a great shot -- I just played phenomenal coming in. I had 10 feet for eagle on 13. He conceded.

Q. What did you hit in there?

TYLER STRAFACI: 8-iron. I don't think I missed a shot coming in. I three-putted 15. I hit a shot 18 feet from the hole, perfect shot, kind of just got a gusty putt and left it four feet short and a really bad lip-out. But made those putts when I needed to on 16 and 17 because Julian played great. No matter where he was, he was going to get up-and-down.

A lot of the times today I had about 12 feet and he'd hit it up for par, and I'd have that putt. You kind of get into it knowing you're going to have to expect to make the putt to win the hole. So I kind of had that feeling on 16. I was like -- I told myself, just hit the best putt you've hit all week, really tough putt downhill, gutted it, and then 17 he got a horrible break but he actually ended up, typical Julian, had six feet for par and I had about 15 feet for birdie. Just drained it because I knew he was going to make that, and you never know on 18 as good as we were playing.

Q. Are you comfortable with this course, and are you comfortable with your game heading to the next round?

TYLER STRAFACI: Very comfortable. I like courses where it's not driver every hole, just kind of pick and place it around the course and you have to be able to shape shots and keep it low. Growing up in south Florida where it can get to 20 miles an hour every day in the winter, and you have to learn how to hit those iron shots, I'm very used to. The only difference is it's cold so it's just yardages, but I'm used to the winds, working the crosswinds and things like that, so I'm very comfortable.

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