U.S. Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Charles Osborne

Quick Quotes

Q. Real good start in this one. The eagle on 3, was that conceded?

CHARLES OSBORNE: It was conceded.

Q. Tell me how you --

CHARLES OSBORNE: Hit a good drive, had about 239 in, and I hit a 3-iron up there to about 20 feet that was conceded.

Q. And then you birdied 5 and 8 to take a 3-up lead?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yes, sir, yeah.

Q. Tell me how you did that.

CHARLES OSBORNE: No. 5, I actually hit a kind of poor second shot, and it just got lucky and stayed out of the bunker and I kind of rolled in that putt and it was just on the fringe, so I was lucky to do that. And No. 8 I actually just had about a 20-yard chip to the hole, so I just chipped that up close and made that putt for birdie, too.

Q. Even though you were still in the lead he was still hanging around. I assume the birdie at 13 was pretty --

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, a big moment. That kind of turned it around on the back nine. I was kind of losing a little momentum for sure because the eagle on 9 and then the birdie on 10 kind of switched it a little bit for me.

Q. And then how did you birdie 13?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I had about a 9-iron in, and I hit it just past the pin and just like a 25-footer, just kind of putted it up close, and an easy one.

Q. I know the winds probably picked up towards the end of your match. How difficult was it?

CHARLES OSBORNE: It actually felt pretty good compared to the stroke play rounds. It started on 11 for sure. The front nine was a ton easier than the back nine. But it was all right.

Q. How exciting is this for you?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Oh, I love it. This is really cool.

Q. How different is this than any other tournament you've been in, let's say? They're all pretty prestigious --

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, it's a lot different. It's kind of special to be here, kind of going through -- I grew up playing with Noah in NOR-CAL, and I love that kid, and it was kind of cool to play him. I've always looked up to him as a great player, and he was always one of the guys that I kind of wanted to strive to beat.

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