U.S. Amateur Championship

Friday, August 14, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Matthew Sharpstene

Quick Quotes

Q. You kind of jumped on him early, didn't you?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I had a 3-up lead through 5, I believe. Started out, I parred 1 and 2, which were good pars, and birdied 3 and 4. I've been taking a different route on 4. I've been hitting driver. I think you have more room up there than you think. It's worked out. And then made a good par on 5.

Q. For the U.S. Am, to be in the semis, what's this experience like?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Honestly, I told my dad the first match I had against John (Augenstein), he's one of the best players in the world, and I knew I was on TV, I'd never been in front of a camera before, and that helped me a lot for these final couple matches, just calming me down and knowing I could do it. It's been an unreal experience so far.

Q. Your dad is your caddie?


Q. What's he been doing to help you?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: He's been helping me with start lines, getting my yardages right and reading greens. He's been a huge help this week.

Q. Did the eagle at 13 settle you in because it looked like he might have a little bit of a comeback in him at that point?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I hit a bad shot on 12. He got back to 2-down. And then 13 I knew if I won I'd have a good chance, and that eagle just kind of put it away for me.

Q. What yardage did you have and what did you hit into that green?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I had 153, and I hit pitching wedge.

Q. And then it was about -- how long would you say that putt was?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Probably 12, 15 feet.

Q. You haven't been on TV before; in the back of your mind are you seeing some of the cameras up there or do you kind of block those out?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I mean, I'm still playing golf, and I'm treating it just as any other round, whether it's going out and playing with my friends or playing in the semifinals of the U.S. Am. It's tough to adjust to, but I love it.

Q. You had the 64 last year and set a course record, so you've had some moments like this that gave you some attention, but this is probably the biggest stage for you?


Q. How much confidence did the way you played at North and South set you up for this summer?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I mean, that first round, it was my first competitive round since everything stopped. I really wasn't really knowing what to expect, and I think that's kind of why I played well. Just kind of calmed me down.

Q. And then have you been in a tournament or played with Osborne before from SMU?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I don't know who he is, but obviously he's a great player.

Q. You've still got the West Virginia bag, looks like you've got the Charlotte on the yardage marker, sort of representing both of them?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I mean, I have to. I don't have another bag. My coach is trying to get me into another bag. I just have to use that one. Nothing towards West Virginia, I loved all my teammates, my coaches, but I'm going to support Charlotte, too.

Q. Was that a COVID deal, getting closer to home?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, just have a better practice facility, get out of the cold and be closer to my family. My dad loves watching me play, so it was big for me to stay close to home.

Q. What's your dad's first name?


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