U.S. Amateur Championship

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Matthew Sharpstene

Quick Quotes

Q. Your thoughts on losing 4&2 to Charles Osborne?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I didn't play very well. Started off well and just couldn't get anything going after that.

Q. When you made that putt at 12, did you feel like you were right back in the match?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Yeah, I mean, I felt like I was in the match the whole way until 15. That just kind of irritated me pretty bad. But you know, I took a lot away from this week. I played well and hit it well all week, but stuff happens.

Q. When you were at 15 and saw he was in trouble, what were you thinking on that shot near the bunker, the second shot?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I was just trying to get to the middle of the green and two-putt because I knew bogey would win the hole, but I didn't have a great lie. Obviously I didn't want to chunk it and leave it to my feet. I made good contact with it. Just came out really hot.

Q. When you teed it up at 16, just going for the green all the way?


Q. And just because it was time to go?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I mean, I still obviously was trying to win. I've played aggressive all week and I still was playing aggressive there. It's kind of tough to get momentum going when you just can't make a putt and you can't really hit anything very well, but yeah.

Q. Was there any part of your game that wasn't maybe clicking like it had been the last couple of days?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Not necessarily. I think all week I struggled on the greens. I didn't really make any like 20-footers. And then today, obviously I didn't putt any better. I hit my driver well all week and today, not so much. A couple iron shots I didn't hit very well. Just everything today wasn't really clicking for me.

Q. When the ball moved on 5, obviously you lost that hole, but you came right back. Did that throw you off at all or you just forgot about it right away?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: No, I didn't really think about it. I mean, it's golf. Stuff happens. You've just got to move forward.

Q. Right now, no one likes to lose, but you did so well at the north and south, you did so well here, where are you going to go from here in terms of your golf game?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: I'm just going to keep going. I still feel like I've got that chip on my shoulder. So I'm just going to keep on going and work hard and see where life takes me.

Q. And you're making this transition now to Charlotte. What do you hope happens in this transition for you?

MATTHEW SHARPSTENE: Just that I get better. Times like these where I need to clutch up and make a few putts, or something like that, I mean, just to get better, and I feel like I've matured a lot over the years thanks to West Virginia and hopefully Charlotte will be the same.

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