U.S. Amateur Championship

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Charles Osborne

Quick Quotes

Q. That was something else, the ebbs and flows of this thing.

CHARLES OSBORNE: It was kind of crazy, yeah.

Q. Just your emotions, you're 5-up and then you're 1-up going into lunch and then he takes the lead and you come back and it comes down to 18. Talk about the range of emotions that you go through as a player in something like that.

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, I mean, it's a lot. You're kind of excited when you're 5-up but you know you've got a lot more golf to play, and then obviously he came back. Like you kind of just go up and down throughout the day, you're excited, you're a little down. I tried to stay mellow the whole day, and it was a good match.

Q. Talk about what you hit into 18. What did you have?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I had -- I think it was 230 pin. I had 212 to cover the bunker, and I tried to hit a 5-iron, and I missed it a little bit.

Q. One of those weird swings or was there nerves?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Just kind of like on the uphill slope and I tried to give it a little much, so I kind of just shot it straight in the air.

Q. Did you have a bad lie over here?

CHARLES OSBORNE: No, it was great. It came out a little dead. I thought it would come out a little hotter, but that's all right.

Q. What do you find out about yourself, you shoot the 77 in the opening round, come back with 64, get all the way to the final. When you came into this nobody really knew who you were and now --

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, it was exciting. It's kind of crazy that I've made it this far, and it's awesome that I'm here. Yeah, I'm excited.

Q. Obviously you're going to be having a lot of fun exemptions coming up, the U.S. Open, Masters, a lot of things coming your way. Just explain that emotion of getting to play those two things.

CHARLES OSBORNE: That still really hasn't set in, and I'm still super excited to play in those type of events, and yeah, I can't be more happy to get to play with those pros.

Q. Did you hear from a couple of the SMU guys the last 24, 48 hours?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, a lot of them. Well, obviously on my team and I heard from Bryson and Kelly Kraft and Harry Higgs and Colt Knost.

Q. Hank Kuehne, do you know Hank?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I did meet him last year. I didn't hear from him, no, but...

Q. Where do you go from here now, now that you've gotten to a final? Do you think the expectations of your game are going to be elevated now?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Oh, of course. They'll always go up and just kind of always just kind of try to push that boundary. It's kind of hard this year because we might not have a fall season, but we'll see what kind of events we've got.

Q. Are you going to have a brownie still tonight?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Maybe. Possibly.

Q. What did you learn about yourself this week?

CHARLES OSBORNE: Kind of just learned I can compete with the best, and it doesn't really take a lot, just takes what I've got. Just know that my game is good enough to play with all the other guys.

Q. How did you feel you played today?

CHARLES OSBORNE: I thought I played pretty well. Had a couple hiccups, obviously, like No. 15. But I thought I played great today. We were both playing really well, so it was fun.

Q. Can you go over 15? That was a weird hole.

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, so we had -- the pin was 199. In the morning I hit 8-iron, and it kind of stuck in the middle. But the fog was rolling in, so we thought it would be a little thicker air, so we tried to flight a little 7, hit a little chippy 7. I just caught it -- well, I probably took a little too much swing, and I don't know if it hit green or just went right over.

Q. How challenging was it to play those last five or six holes with this fog because the conditions were so good all day up until the last few holes.

CHARLES OSBORNE: Yeah, it was cool in a little bit of a sense. Just kind of set that mood. It was exciting. But I didn't think it was too bad. 17 tee shot was weird, but that was the only bad one.

Q. Kind of like playing San Francisco?


Q. Or the Olympic Club in those kind of conditions?

CHARLES OSBORNE: No, I didn't play Olympic in the fog. I played Torrey Pines in the fog. That's weird, yeah.

Q. You're going to see Torrey next year.


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