U.S. Amateur Championship

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Paramus, New Jersey, USA

The Ridgewood Country Club

Sam Bennett

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Q. Sam, you came into this week with the intention to win this U.S. Amateur. You reiterated that belief yesterday saying there was still work to be done. How were you able to focus on playing golf considering what was on the line and an opponent that would not go away?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, that was tough. I have the utmost respect for Ben Carr. I know his family and his dad are super proud. Like you said, he wouldn't go away. I got off to a hot start and then after lunch he started dropping in putts and chips from everywhere. It made me nervous. I got pretty tight when that started happening.

I think me and Coach did a good job of he was able to calm me down and deep breaths and stick to what we've been doing all week, just pounding fairways and hitting solid shots at the greens.

Luckily I was able to finish it off with a good iron shot on the last. I kind of tugged it a bit, but it hung in there and I was able to get it done.

Q. Throughout the week we shared the story of the tattoo you have on your left forearm that has the final words of advice your father gave you before he passed away last year. How did you use that as inspiration?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, just to be a gentleman. My dad, he didn't care what he shot, just that I respected the game. I know he was watching out there, and it's pretty cool. He would think that was the coolest thing ever.

Yeah, I don't know, I think of that every day, and I looked at it a few times. It used to be in my pre-shot routine, but I kind of went away with it. But the past few holes I took a glance at it and it kind of made me smile and made me enjoy the moment, and just made me happy to be here.

Q. What sense did you have that he was with you every step of the way?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, for sure. That was pretty cool yesterday. Probably everybody saw, but the rainbow, right when me and Ben finished, that rainbow right when we got done. I know he was, and a few good breaks and stuff like that, the golfing gods and him were working in my favor.

Q. What does it mean to be the U.S. Amateur champion?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, it means everything. It's a dream come true. It doesn't even feel real looking at all these people on the 18th green at Ridgewood. I don't even know what I'm saying right now. But yeah, it means a lot to hold that trophy. I'm sure tonight I'll take a peek at all the names, but I know Tiger Woods' names is on that three times, and to put my name beside him, I know it's something pretty special.

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