U.S. Girls' Junior Championship

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Yana Wilson

Quick Quotes

Q. First talk about the experience; this is your first Girls' Junior that you've played in?

YANA WILSON: Yes, this is my first Girls' Junior that I've played in.

Q. How has the whole experience been so far?

YANA WILSON: It's been exciting. This is probably one of the nicer courses that I've played, so I'm super grateful to be here. I'm just having a blast out here. It's a lot of fun.

Q. Take us through a little bit of your match today and kind of how that went. It looked like you kind of led most of the day. Were there any key shots, key putts you hit out there?

YANA WILSON: I made a lot of key putts, especially some of the sliders, which is really nice, because normally I don't make those. Those are pretty hard to make. I just had a great day today. I just tried to keep making pars because normally pars will win a match on this course. I just tried to stay as consistent as possible.

Q. We've been looking at the score cards today and it does seem like that's right; if you make straight pars you're probably going to win your match. Does that change your mentality from other events you've played where you might need to make some birdies to be competitive?

YANA WILSON: It does, because on this course it kind of requires you to play safer, and I feel like I was really able to do that just knowing that par can win you this. Because when your partner tries to go too aggressive and they make bogey, you know you can win your hole with a par, so it's really nice just having that mentality going into today.

Q. I don't know about your length off the tee, but are you often hitting first or second into holes? It seems like you often play off what your opponent is doing. Does that give you an advantage?

YANA WILSON: Most of the day today I was hitting first off the tee, but kind of knowing my opponent's ball-striking and kind of her miss kind of really helped me today, just to know where I can put the ball throughout the day.

Q. I found your website online. Who runs that and how long have you had it up?

YANA WILSON: My dad. I've had it up since I was like 11 or 12.

Q. He says you're a funny jokester.

YANA WILSON: I used to be. I feel like I'm more serious now.

Q. What changed?

YANA WILSON: I don't know, I got more mature, I think. I used to make stupid jokes. They're not really funny.

Q. Do you ever joke around on the course or is it more all business now, or do you try and keep yourself in that kind of uplifting, upbeat mood?

YANA WILSON: I try to talk about food with my caddie most of the time. I feel like that keeps me pretty happy.

Q. What kind of food?

YANA WILSON: I ask him about -- if they had Raising Cane's here, because I love Raising Cane's.

Q. Chicken?

YANA WILSON: Yeah, chicken fingers. So good. Oh, my gosh. They have it all over the West Coast.

I also asked him if there are any good food places to eat around here. He named a few. I can't remember them.

Q. What are you most excited for the rest of the week now?

YANA WILSON: Just to play this course again. I'm really excited -- I really love this course, and I feel like it fits my game pretty well.

Q. What have you learned about it from the last couple rounds to take it into match play? Are you still learning things about it that you're going to learn to attack it a little bit more maybe?

YANA WILSON: Just fairways and greens. I'm honestly not trying to attack it too much. Just kind of play conservative and maybe make a few putts here and there. I think safe will just get you a win for the most part.

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