U.S. Girls' Junior Championship

Friday, July 16, 2021

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Bailey Davis

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations:

BAILEY DAVIS: Thank you.

Q. Some great vibes obviously the other day on 18, so when you were standing over that putt, just talk us through.

BAILEY DAVIS: I tried to stay positive the whole time. I was kind of preparing myself to go into extra holes because I figured I was counting on Katie making that putt. My caddie said to me, you know, we just want to make this, so let's give a line to make it. That's what I did.

Q. Offer money?

BAILEY DAVIS: No, no money this time. (Laughter.)

Q. How far do you think that putt was?

BAILEY DAVIS: I would say 12 to 15 feet. Katie had about five feet and I figured she would make it, so...

Q. A finalist at the girl's junior. I heard you say to Golf Channel your expectations were you just wanted to make the cut to start, and now you're here. Put that into words.

BAILEY DAVIS: You know, I played in two of these before and I haven't made the cut, so my goal was to make the cut. Then I came into match play with no expectations, and I think that's why I been doing is well. I haven't said, Oh, I want to make it to the round of 16 or round of 8. I came in with no expectations and I'm just doing the best I can at this point. I'm so excited.

Q. Talk about the support of the spectators out here. Obviously as a Maryland native it seems like they're cheering for everyone, but a little extra for you.

BAILEY DAVIS: Yeah, a few people have come up to me and said, Go Maryland, as I'm walking down the fairway.

But everyone at Columbia has been extremely city supportive, and a lot people I know just from around the state have come out to watch me, so it means a lot it he.

Q. You mentioned to me that you were friends with Katie. How long have you known each other ans what was that like playing with each other?

BAILEY DAVIS: I think we've known each other for about a year. We first played together at AJGA Rolex in 2020. We both came into this match not expecting to make to the final four, so we both said, you know, whatever happens, happens. Let's just have some fun and play it out.

That's exactly what we did. I think that really helped me in this match to stay calm and composed the entire time and very positive, just because we were friends.

Q. Did I hear you guys talking about the Bachelorette at 13?

BAILEY DAVIS: We were talking about The Bachelorette. We both watched it on Monday and we were talking about that. We're huge fans of the Bachelorette. I think I that's what kept us calm, yeah.

Q. 36-hole final tomorrow. Have you played a 36-hole match before?

BAILEY DAVIS: Not match play, no.

Q. Is it's a long week. Talk about your energy level and then looking into tomorrow.

BAILEY DAVIS: I'm pretty tired. I had a 4:30 wake up this morning and I heard that the tee time tomorrow is 6:30, so I know that that will be earlier for me.

I'm not looking forward to the wake up, but I'm going to try to eat something and get to bed as early as I can and go out there with some energy tomorrow.

Q. You certainly get used to these early wake up calls.


Q. 4:30 the last few days?

BAILEY DAVIS: Yeah. I kind of thought today might be the last one, but I'm ready to go for tomorrow. I know it's going to be my last one then.

Q. What's it like having the TV cameras around for you today?

BAILEY DAVIS: I've never had that before so I thought I would be really nervous and I thought I would hit some bad shots, but I really think it made me play better because I was just so calm and composed the whole time.

I really tried not to think about it too much. I know it might be a little more tomorrow, so mentally preparing myself for that.

Q. How do you feel your confidence is growing on this course since the first day?

BAILEY DAVIS: My confidence has skyrocketed since I started this tournament. There is a lot of putts on these greens that can get away from you very easily. There are a lot of sidehill sliders, downhill sliders, and I've been hitting those with a lot more confidence and my putting has gotten a lot better as the week has gone on.

So I think I'm ready for tomorrow.

Q. With the success you've had obviously you're going college. When you come back home you going to consider coming here more often?

BAILEY DAVIS: Yeah, I think going into school this is a great finish to my junior career. I've gotten a lot of rounds at Columbia County Club by now.

Q. No matter what happens tomorrow, you've now earned a spot in the U.S. Women's amateur in the three weeks.


Q. You have.

BAILEY DAVIS: Oh, my goodness.

Q. So that's three weeks at Westchester in New York. Have you played in the Women's Am before?

BAILEY DAVIS: No, I haven't. I didn't know that. You just made my day.

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