U.S Senior Women's Open Championship

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Brooklawn Country Club

Liselotte Neumann

Quick Quotes

Q. Would you mind telling us how the course is playing today?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I thought it played really, really good. I love the golf course. It's very challenging, but it's a good -- it was really set up well for us today. It's fair. You have to think your way around, sort of know where you can be aggressive.

You just really got know the greens. Some of them are just really slopey towards you. You just got to make sure you stay below the hole so you get uphill putts. If you're on the wrong side you just don't have a chance basically.

But it's a very fun course to play, very fair.

Q. Great. And tell us about playing with Annika and Laura today.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, it was fun. Obviously Laura I've known since I was 15. We played amateur golf together, so we've known each other for over 40 years, and I played with her in Europe, been on the same Solheim team and obviously everywhere. So it's great to be out with her. She's great is so fun to be out there with and so nice.

Obviously to get to play with Annika, it's great to see her here, that she's back out and supporting this event and supporting the legends. It's really cool. It was a tough group. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but I think if I can try to keep my scores up with those two, I'll be looking pretty good. (Laughter.) It was good.

Q. That's great.

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