U.S Senior Women's Open Championship

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Brooklawn Country Club

Laura Davies

Quick Quotes

Q. (In progress.)

LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, didn't make a huge amount of putts, but two good par putts in the middle of the round kept me going.

And then I played really well the back nine. Could have shot 3- or 4-under easily. Shot 1-under, so all in all, good day.

Q. Can you describe what you thought of Annika's play today?

LAURA DAVIES: Fairways, greens, putts well, chipped well.

Q. Did you anticipate --

LAURA DAVIES: No. I didn't. I didn't think she would play that well.

Q. Really? How come?

LAURA DAVIES: She's been away 13 years.

Q. Just time?

LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, if you're not playing tournament golf it takes away your shots. (Wind interference.)

Q. You talked the other day about the course playing well. Was it what you expected? (Wind interference).

LAURA DAVIES: I just proved it right there I think. It was actually Probably too long a driver. I left myself a really horrible number and knocked it 25 feet above the pin. Actually hit a very good first putt but it just goes on this extra five, six feet and you got problems with your second one then.

Q. Just hard to stop?

LAURA DAVIES: Absolutely. If you're trying to hole them, which you are usually, you run the risk of running it six foot by. If you start dabbing it down there you'll three-putt for sure. If you leave it short you're in all sorts of trouble.

So it's just one of those things. You've got to be short of the pin, and unfortunately I wasn't there.

Q. Annika looked at you on the first tee some after you made your (indiscernible) and said, Some things never change.


Q. Did it feel like some things hadn't changed walking on the fairway?

LAURA DAVIES: Oh, yeah, yeah. I played junior golf with 'Lotte in the early '80s, so that's how long I've known 'Lotte Neumann. So it was nice.

And then obviously playing with Annika again it was interesting for me to see how she would come back after 13 years not playing tournament golf, and nothing changed.

Q. How about you? Anything changed for you?

LAURA DAVIES: No, I'm still playing decent. Not really holing enough putts to be competitive on the LPGA Tour, but hopefully I get some confidence this week and start holing some putts when you need them. I did that today for the most part, to be honest.

I did hole a couple of really nice putts.

Q. How much golf are you playing?

LAURA DAVIES: Well, I haven't played much the last few years because of COVID and my mom was ill two years ago. I've probably only played - I'm going to say if this is my 15th tournament in two years, I would be surprised.

Not through choice. Just because I'm sick and tired of traveling and COVID tests.

Q. Right. How much have you played in front of a crowd?

LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, not a huge crowd. That's probably one of the biggest crowds for a while I would say.

Q. Was that a nice feeling?

LAURA DAVIES: Oh, very nice. Yeah, they were good, too. Very nice crowd. I like it when they can walk along with us. It's more fun. There are all these ropes. I know big crowds you have to control, when they're that size it's quite nice.

Q. (Regarding Annika's play today.) You said before you weren't sure, so to come out and do X, Y, Z --

LAURA DAVIES: No, (indiscernible). She's not as powerful as she used to be because she doesn't hit it as far as she used to. Her irons are still very good and her short game is the same as always.

She never got credit for having such a good short game.

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