U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

DuPont, Washington

The Home Course

Kate Villegas

Tiffany Le

Quick Quotes

Q. Just looking at your scorecard, bogey-free, 7-under in 15 holes. What was working well that round?

KATE VILLEGAS: I think like both of us just had birdie opportunities like every hole. We were like, if one of us was like out we would -- one of us would be right there. I think we just really trust each other and have that special bond.

TIFFANY LE: Yeah. Plus I would say my putter was on fire.

KATE VILLEGAS: Yeah. (Laughter.)

Q. You played a few rounds here now. What do you need to do to be successful at the home course specifically?

KATE VILLEGAS: I think just stay aggressive, keep playing our game. Right now we're really feeling really good. We're stroking the ball really well. She's putting the ball really well.

TIFFANY LE: So when I miss a putt I'm like, oh, she has it. (Laughter.) I don't really worry.

KATE VILLEGAS: I think just staying confident and committed and believing in ourselves is the best thing.

Q. How did this partnership come about? I know you're both from Southern California. How did you decide to team up for this?

KATE VILLEGAS: Yeah, so we've known each other since we were eight or nine, like really little, and we played at UC Riverside together before I decided to transfer.

So we've just been close like since we were little.

TIFFANY LE: And we also played the Four-Ball two years ago at Texas.

Q. Yep, Maridoe.

TIFFANY LE: We just work really well together, so we're like this year, maybe it's our year.

Q. What do you like about the match play format?

KATE VILLEGAS: I like being aggressive. I think that's like one thing. Like if one of us plays it safe, I'll like go after it.

TIFFANY LE: I also kind of like the pressure that other opponents put on you, like when you have to make a putt or stick something close.

Q. Yep. Long week. Two rounds in today, so nice to not have to play a few holes, I'm sure. How do you stay mentally focused during a week like this, especially a USGA Championship?

TIFFANY LE: Hmm, how do you stay focused?

KATE VILLEGAS: I think good rest.

TIFFANY LE: Also like in between shots we talk about something other than golf, so keeps your mind playing as well.

Q. You both play on college teams, but there is not a lot of the team competitions like this. Do you think that helped you both in terms of how you know each other and your personalities maybe?

KATE VILLEGAS: I would think so.

TIFFANY LE: Can you say the question one more time?

Q. Did you think it kind of helps in an atmosphere like this to have, like you say, someone to talk non-golf about?

KATE VILLEGAS: Yeah, I think it's always nice to have someone that you care about by your side. You kind of feel more comfortable out there. It definitely helps and helps me play better.

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