U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

DuPont, Washington

The Home Course

Gianna Clemente

Avery Zweig

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk us through that match a little bit.

GIANNA CLEMENTE: Pretty intense. Definitely our most intense match so far. I played really well; so did Avery. We kind of got to going and gave a couple back, and that's when it started to get really tense.

Yeah, we pulled through and made a couple pars and a birdie at the end.

Q. How do you two work so well together, one? And, two, in those moments when it gets tense, why do you work well together?

GIANNA CLEMENTE: I think we just know when to lift each other up and when to leave each other alone. We both kind of have that cliff where it's like, okay, I don't want to be talked to right now.

And I think just because we've known each other for so long and we've been close for a really long time, I think we just know each other really well off the course and that translates really well on the course for us.

Q. You guys are young and have a lot of USGA experience between you. Do you think that helps every time you come back, the caddie bibs, the flags, feeling more comfortable at USGA events?

GIANNA CLEMENTE: Definitely. I can't speak for her but I know for me, that all the experience is very valuable, and I'll say that for junior golf, amateur golf, and pro golf, all of it. It's extremely valuable in any circumstance.

Definitely helps with those really pressure-packed moments.

Q. Avery, get a few quotes. Talk about today. Two great matches. Obviously the second one was a little tighter.

AVERY ZWEIG: Yeah, I think there was some great golf between both sides. We were fortunate. Match play is all about momentum, and some great golf was played on both sides.

The key thing about match play is never allowing your opponent get in a groove, and if they do, stopping it as soon as possible.

Gianna has been playing some phenomenal golf. I don't think I've seen better ball striking out of anyone. When you have a partner that's hitting it down the middle every time, that's extremely helpful.

But, yeah, I think we've done a really good job of overall keeping it pretty casual. I think we're going to try it carry that into tomorrow the best we can.

Q. What have you learned most about the Home Course this week in terms of what you need to do to be successful?

AVERY ZWEIG: That's a good question. I would say a big key is knowing what greens are receptive and which ones aren't. The greens overall are pretty firm. We've got ideal weather for that, too. And fast.

So placement, and also some greens hold more than others regardless of what club you have in. We looked at each other, I think it was on 7, and she was like, yeah, I feel like we've played this course 11 times by now.

By the end of this will be probably pretty close to that. Definitely helps being more comfortable.

Q. Sounds like you know Leigh and Anna.

AVERY ZWEIG: Yeah, we played with them in stroke play.

Q. What did you notice about their games?

AVERY ZWEIG: I mean, they're two really solid players. Definitely going to be a great match. I know from our side, too, stroke play was vastly different than match play and can definitely bring out a different side of players.

It's helpful to have a good idea, but you just got to play the player that's in front of you, so...

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