U.S. Adaptive Open

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Chris Biggins

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THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the interview area at the inaugural U.S. Adaptive Open. We are joined by Chris Biggins. Chris, you are here finally at the inaugural championship. I know you've been waiting for this moment a long time. What does it feel like to be here?

CHRIS BIGGINS: Oh, it feels incredible. You had all these expectations coming in, and then you come in and you see the signs, the setup, all the players here, and it just makes it that much more real. It's a big-time championship, the biggest one that I've played in ever, and I can't wait to get going on Monday.

Q. Talk to people about Pinehurst No. 6 who don't know it. What kind of course is it and what do you need to do well to play well here?

CHRIS BIGGINS: It's an incredible course. It's visually intimidating off the tee, but then it opens up out there. If you're hitting your spots, you can definitely make some birdies, but then if you're just off it'll punish you. You've got to play it smart and then be aggressive when you have some good shots, but it's a course we can attack.

Q. There's some new faces here for the average golf fan, but it's people that you know and that you've played with. Talk about this community and kind of the tournaments you play in on a yearly basis?

CHRIS BIGGINS: Yeah, we got a good taste of it yesterday in the practice round. My caddie hadn't seen it before, and everyone in the field is rooting for each other. Even though they want to kill each other on the course, we're pulling for each other. We want to see each at their best; that's where you want to beat each other, so it's just a great community. Everyone knows each other from tournaments; it's like a big fraternity. But then we also do want to beat everyone.

Q. Golf is part of your day job; you work at Country Club of Birmingham. How have you been preparing your game for this week?

CHRIS BIGGINS: So I teach a couple of our advanced golfers, and we have golf teams at our place, so my preparation has been trying to beat the 10- to 18-year-olds at our course, and they give me really tough tests. Most of the older guys are beating me, but trying to compete with them and teach them has been my training. It's probably been the best training I've had in years.

Q. What is your strength in your game?

CHRIS BIGGINS: Short game. Anything 100 yards and in, I feel like I can take on anyone. I'm not the longest hitter, so I've got to be a little overconfident around the greens to make up for that.

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