U.S. Adaptive Open

Monday, July 18, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Jesse Florkowski

Quick Quotes

Q. What do you think of your first Adaptive Open experience?

JESSE FLORKOWSKI: It's been a pretty remarkable -- just from the opening ceremonies until now, the USGA definitely knows how to put on an event, and I'm honored to be here, and I hope I make the guys back home proud.

Q. Speaking of back home, obviously you're from Canada. What is it like representing your country here? That's something that not a lot of people here are non-Americans. What is that like for you representing --

JESSE FLORKOWSKI: For sure, it means everything, for the guys even back home rooting for me. They've done it for the last few months to get me to this point. I can't thank them enough, and like I said, hopefully I'm making them proud and hopefully we can keep playing the next couple days and see what happens.

Q. Talk me through your round today. What did you like and didn't you like from your game?

JESSE FLORKOWSKI: Sure, yeah. I hit the ball very well. Kind of like the later part of the round I missed a few putts I probably should have made. I played the par-5s really well, a few squirrelly iron shots but other than that it's been pretty solid. If I can clean up the five-, six-foot putts that I missed there, other than that it was good.

Q. What does sharing the course with so many inspiring athletes and players mean to you and what do you hope that does for the future of adaptive golf and the Adaptive Open?

JESSE FLORKOWSKI: Sure, so I actually play in quite a few adaptive tournaments throughout the year. You look at everyone here, whether it's one arm, one leg, missing legs, seated players, it's pretty remarkable what they can do. It shows no matter what kind of adversity you have, when you put your mind to something you can achieve probably more than you think you could.

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